History and present

90 years and four generations of funeral service

Located in Töölö, Helsinki, Finland

Hautaustoimisto Autio Ltd. is a family-owned company. It first started its operation in Vyborg`s Kangaskatu in 1928.

Autio Funeral Home was founded by Juho Autio, after his young spouse Hilja had passed away. Broken by grief, as a father of four young children, Juho did not receive the help he needed to arrange the funeral properly. He decided to start a funeral office, which truly serves, so he could be of help to others at times of sorrow.

Juho Autio was one of the founding members of Finland’s Funeral Homes Union, in which his youngest son Leo Autio later significantly helped to improve the funeral industry. Leo Autio was also the honorary chairman of the union.

His daughters Sari Autio-Pettersson and Sisko Autio, as well as her daughter Mia Autio-Rönkä are continuing his work today.

With the experience and professionalism of decades

we offer close and careful practical help to homes of grief in all things related to funeral industry. Our office is part of Finland’s Funeral Homes Union and through that a part of international Al-IT. We are also a member of Memoria organization, which is a company owned by private sector funeral offices.

Hautaustoimisto Autio Ltd. is a member of Finnish Chamber of Commerce and The Taxpayers’ Association.

Dun & Bradstreet Finland Oy has granted our company the highest AAA credit rating.